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If you are not yourself, who will be?

—Henry David Thoreau

You are unique and wonderful. But perhaps it is sometimes difficult for you to say “yes” to yourself, because you also see your limits and weaknesses. In this book, you will discover what makes up healthy self-esteem and how you can move step-by-step to more self-acceptance and find enjoyment in yourself. Questions and behavior suggestions help you to practically implement the things you’ve read.

The book inspires and accompanies you in your learning process with four motivations per day: a concise quote, stimulating food for thought, a provocative question and a practical stimulus.

Ideal for all those who would like to love themselves more.


Saying Yes to Myself
How to use this book

Week 1: Saying Yes to Myself – the Foundation
1.1 Where do You Want to Go?
1.2 You and Others
1.3 To Be Seen
1.4 Healing Old Wounds
1.5 Feeling New Feelings
1.6 Accepting Yourself Already
1.7 Envy Yourself

Week 2: The Facets of Your Life
2.1 Your Colorful Life
2.2 Your Body
2.3 Your Talents
2.4 Your Family and History
2.5 Your Roles
2.6 Your Inner Voices
2.7 Your Beliefs

Week 3: More Ways to Self-Acceptance
3.1 Who Are You Not?
3.2 Pictures for You
3.3 Changing Negative Pictures
3.4 It is Good – For Now
3.5 What is Changeable?
3.6 What You Need
3.7 Your Needs Are Good

Week 4: Go New Ways
4.1 You Are Sometimes
4.2 Choose Your Sentences
4.3 From the Outside In
4.4 Live for Yourself
4.5 Attentive to Yourself
4.6 Developing Potential
4.7 The Power of Blessing

Take up and Take Deeper

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