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Learning to Forgive. The Art of a Life of Inner Freedom | Kerstin Hack


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We can all think of a situation when we were hurt, betrayed or abandoned by others. Incidents like that often make us prisoners on the inside, and the pain related to them can last a lifetime. Forgiveness is an effective tool to deal with suffered injustice. This Quadro shows why forgiveness is worth the effort, which attitudes may help to forgive and what practical steps can be taken to make forgiveness happen.

Ideal for everyone who wants to let go of suffered offenses and achieve inner freedom.

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Original title: Vergeben lernen. Die Kunst, innerlich frei zu leben


It is bad enough that injustice happens to us. But we don’t have to make life worse bycarrying suffered injustice around with us forever. Forgiveness is a timeless tool that’s useful for letting go of suffered injustices and opening up our hearts once again.

We need freedom from the reoccurring thoughts about the suffered injustice that we simply can’t get rid of. We need release from the painful feelings connected to it.
And we need release from the despair and lack of vision that often follow the suffering of an injustice.

But forgiveness is not always easy. Even people who would like to forgive often don`t know how to do it. For 28 days, this Quadro wants to accompany you on the journey to inner freedom.

Week 1 starts with an explanation of what forgiveness actually is and what it is not. In the second part, the focus lies on the value of forgiveness. The third week deals with attitudes, thought patterns and approaches that can be helpful in the process of forgiveness. The fourth part suggests practical steps for forgiving someone. It provides a kind of roadmap which can help with the practical implementation of forgiveness.

Questions and practical inspirations help you not to get stuck in the theory, but to put what you have read into practice. The Quadro inspires and accompanies you with four impulses per day:

  • A concise quote
  • Some food for thought
  • A provocative question
  • A practical activity


If you know the pain of being treated unjustly, this book is the medicine you are looking for. Kerstin Hack does not make the journey toward forgiveness easy, but she does make it practical. I highly recommend “Learning to Forgive”.

—Gary Chapman, Ph.D. author of The Five Love Languages


Table of contents

Week 1: What forgiveness is (not)
Week 2: The value of forgiveness
Week 3: What helps to forgive
Week 4: The path of forgiveness

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Author Kerstin Hack shares her motivation to write this Quadro:”When people experience injustice, they suffer. This pain may endure for a long time and rob people of their strength and energy. Forgiveness is the best way I know to break free from the thoughts that keep circling around the suffered injustice. It’s the best path to find inner freedom and leave the pain behind. But it is not always easy. Often we get stuck somewhere along the way. For that reason I entered into a discussion with the readers of my blog about what helps us to forgive. The best ways and most helpful steps I have summarized in this Quadro. I sincerely hope it will help many people to let go of suffered injustices. And to find inner freedom.”

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